No Converter Needed

But you will need an adapter. There is a difference between electrical converters and adapters.

A Converter changes power such as 220V to 110V.

An Adapter is what allows a North American device plug to fit into a foreign countries wall socket.

Always carry adapters – they are critical.

I’ve never found a need for a converter. 99% of modern day electronics have this built in. Even the little Apple USB adapters. Just check the gadget and you should see something like 100-240V that means the converter is built in.  There are expectations to this such as an iron, curling iron, hair dryer and specialty electronics. When in doubt, read the label.

Carry & Use Disinfectant Wipes

I tend to be a cautious germ freak while traveling.  Why? Have you ever watched people?

  • Those who don’t wash hands in the restroom
  • Sneeze into hands
  • Hands in their mouth and ears
  • Picking their nose

Yup, just spreading their germs all around.  Numerous studies have shown aircraft lavatories are teeming with E. Coli.  With the quick turns its doubtful that that the lavatories are given a full scrub down.  And how about that tray table.  How often do you think that is washed down?

I don’t obsess, but I do take steps to reduce risks.

My bag is always packed with the individually wrapped disinfectant wipes.  Easy to use and don’t have to come out of the bag at TSA checkpoints.

Aside from using after a visit to the aircraft lavatory, I use them in the hotel to wipe down:

  • TV remote
  • Toilet handle and seat
  • Light switches / thermostat / clock radio

Is this being over cautious?  No, just smart.


When traveling abroad with medications you need to carry proper documentation.  While the chances are minimal, you could be searched at a border crossing (international arrival) and questioned about medication.

Understand the drug trafficking in many countries is a very serious offense.  And what you may consider a personal amount, someone else may see as drug trafficking with the intent to sell.

For best protection, carry a copy of the prescription with you and keep the pills in the original pill container (use cotton balls to fill the void space so they don’t jump around).  The original pill container should match the prescription with name, drug and dosage.

Lastly, medication should never be placed in checked luggage.  It should always go with your hand carry items.

Be Predictable

The key to travel sanity is to develop routines. Pack things in a certain order and location. Maintaining routines is a good thing.  Traveling carefree sounds wonderful, but will cause more headaches, lost items and frustration.