Arrive Early

It’s an awful and frustrating experience to miss a flight because you arrived at the airport late – it’s happened to me, I know the feeling.

Each time it happened I was with someone else who planned to fail.  They said no need to arrive early we can get there easy.  Then the unexpected traffic jams, long security line, etc.

Getting to the airport early allows you to be calm and enjoy the day without rushing and being nervous.

Printed Copies of Itinerary

In India & the Philippines to enter the airport you must show a printed itinerary.  If you don’t have one, you will be sent to a ticket office (nearby) where you will wait in a line, then have them look up your ticket and print you an itinerary.

Bottom line – always have a printed hard copy of your itinerary.  If things change along the way, print at the hotel or have someone fax you a copy to the hotel.

Getting a Seat

If you are a frequent Flyer and looking for an upgrade, each airline has their own upgrade policy.  Most are based on many factors for the upgrade, aside from status, normally he who checks in first, has a higher status when all else is equal.

Same if you are without a seat for a flight, those who check in first are higher on the list for a seat.

So, use online check-in to gain a few extra steps towards getting your seat.

Stay Informed

OK, your bags are checked, you have your boarding pass and you have cleared security. This isn’t no time for napping!

You must remain vigilant to your flight departure – gates changes, flights are delayed and canceled. Being one step ahead of the crowd jockeys you into a better position for rerouting. When making a connection, double check your watch is set correctly and you know where your next gate is. There are times where you will land in one terminal and depart from another and have to clear TSA all over again.