Text cleaning options:

Trim spaces at the beginning and end of text.

Correct double or more spaces between words into single space. Ex: I am >> I am


Words that has 2 or more consecutive uppercase characters are converted to lowercase. Ex: I FEEL GOOD >> I feel good

Carriage returns

Line breaks in text (particularly text copied from PDF files) are removed. Line breaks that occur after a period (.) are preserved.


Text copied from PDF files sometimes includes extra spaces before punctuation marks such as (.,;!:). This is caused by copying, not from the original text. This option removes those extra spaces. Ex: comma , >> comma,


Bullets, especially from Word documents, are replaced with carriage returns.

Capitalize sentences

First character of a sentence is capitalized.

Add 2 spaces after period

Each period is trailed with 2 spaces.

Approximately 3 pages of text can be pasted into input box for cleaning.